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PULLING PITCH by Prairie Parrot Press
Home | PULLING PITCH - The Amazing True Memoir of an Operational Helicopter Pilot
CH 135 Twin Huey

Incredible true accounts of Cold War patrols along the Russian border, patrolling the Peace zone between Israel and Egypt, Search and Rescue tales in the Great Lakes region of Canada, flying anti-terrorism patrols in the Gulf of Oman and the Straits of Hormuz to teaching young pilots how to fly helicopters.
Read about numerous adventures of an operational helicopter pilot living life to the fullest. This is no reality tv scribted show, it's the real deal and you are in the pilot's seat for all the action.

Callsign "Strider" patrolling the Gulf of Oman

CH113A Labrador

CH 124A Sea King on the flight deck of HMCS Montreal

Will be available in all book stores.

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